Il Feudo dei Cipressi - Country House

c. da G.Fiastra, Loro Piceno (MC) - Italy


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The Estate


The Feudo dei Cipressi is located inside the farm of Conti Pallotta, in the middle of the Marche countryside.
The Country House is in Loro Piceno, in the province of Macerata, in the middle of the region between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini
National Park.


Loro Piceno is a beautiful medieval town with an ancient castle perched on one of the many hills that characterize the landscape.

The Country House, in the countryside, enjoys a serene landscape and an unparalleled peace, with the possibility for our guests to use all equipped areas to relax.
The Feudo dei Cipressi is a facility set within the estate which also features the main house, a farm and other service outbuildings.
The complex has recently been restructured respecting the traditions and materials of the Marche region: bricks, terracotta and wood represent the main features of the buildings.


The manor house was built in the early 1700s as a hunting lodge for Cardinal Pallotta who went there for short holidays from nearby Macerata.
In 1797 it was occupied by Napoleon's troops. Once restored, it was used during the nineteenth century as a summer residence by the family.
During the Second World War it was looted by Allied troops in 1960 and was once again restored.
Today it is home to the descendants of the family.


The farmhouses of the estate were the residences of the farmers and their families, which were responsible for the cultivation of the estates and cattle breeding. Oil and wine were also produced on the farm, and silkworm were grown. 
Il Feudo dei Cipressi Country House - c. da G.Fiastra, Loro Piceno (MC), Italy
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